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Fredericksburg Metal Recycling offers the cheapest roll off dumpsters and containers in the Gillespie County area. Our simple pricing plan includes delivery, pickup and all taxes associated with waste disposal – allowing you to get an affordable dumpster rental quickly and with no hidden expenses.


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Factors in Determining Cost to Rent Roll Off Dumpsters.

When choosing a roll-off dumpster size, first consider how the volume of your debris as well as how much the debris will weigh. In general rental costs of a roll-off dumpster are based on the location of drop-off, roll-off dumpster size required, rental period, the weight of discard, and of course content of your waste.

Fredericksburg Metal Recycling
Simple Dumpster Rental Pricing

Our pricing includes all delivery, pickup, and taxes associated with the rental. It also allows for additional tonnage or rental days incorporated into the cost with no guessing.

With our dumpster rental prices, you’ll easily be able to plan ahead and set the budget for your project based on your project schedule.

Special Considerations

Heavy debris such as concrete, roofing shingles and dirt likely require a dumpster specifically designed for heavy items. For example, roll off dumpsters and containers used for heavy materials like concrete and roofing shingles have weight limit considerations.  Highway safety guidelines require that we keep the dumpster weight within container design guidelines.

Contact us today and our customer service team will fully explain the costs and help choose whatever type of dumpster is right for your job.


Dumpster Rental Costs

Roll-off dumpster sizes, per 45-day rental period:

20-yard dumpster – $500

30-yard dumpster – $550

40-yard dumpster – $600

 [Minimum of 1 dump every 45 days.  Or $6 per day overage charge until dump service is requested]

Roll-off dump fees, per 45-day rental period:

Up to 4 tons – included in rental price.

Each additional ton – $65

Roll-off dumpster delivery and dump fees:

20-mile radius Fredericksburg TX = Free

Additional dump fees, if any, are determined by the shortest driving distance between the job site and sanitary landfill.